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Introduction to properties of polymerized MDI

中文名称/Chinese name: 多次甲基多苯基多异氰酸酯

英文名称/English name:  Polymethylene Polyphenylisocyanate

English abbreviation: PAPI


Simple structural formula:



Physicochemical properties: polymerized MDI product has a certain quantity of bis-functional pure MDI, the remainder are 3-6 functional polyisocyanate and a few polyisocyanate with high molecular weight. Currently the polymerized MDI produced by companies over the world are significantly different in the different proportions of 4,4-MDI, 2,4-MDI and varied-functional polymethine polyphenly isocyanate, therefore the average functionality and reactivity vary.


Grades: polymerized MDI grades of BASF Company are Lupranate M20W, M20S and M50, main grade of HUNTSMAN in Chinese market is Suprasec 5005. Polymerized MDI grades of NPU, a Japanese company are Millionate MR Series and Coronate series, where Millionate MR100, MR200 and Coronate 1130 are much launched in Chinese market.