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Introduction to properties of IDI

化学品中文名称/Chinese name of chemical: 甲苯-2,4-二异氰酸酯  

化学品英文名称/English name of chemical: toluene-2,4-diisocyanate  

中文名称/Chinese name: 2,4-二异氰酸甲苯酯

英文名称/English name: 2,4-tolylene diisocyanate

CAS No.: 584-84-9  

Molecular formula: C9H6N2O2

Molecular weight: 174.16

Physicochemical properties: It is a white or light yellow transparent liquid, with a melting point of about 14℃, a boiling point of 118℃ (1.33kPa) and a relative density of about 1.22℃. It is easily soluble in acetone, ether, and can react with strong oxidizing agent, water, alcohol, amine, acid and strong alkali. It is decomposed through combustion, generating carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and hydrogen cyanide etc.