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Performance & Characteristics


PTA is presented as white crystal or powder at room temperature, low toxicity, and inflammable. When mixed with the air, it will burn or even explode when contacted to fire at a certain concentration. Its spontaneous ignition point is 680℃, ignition point is 384~421℃, heat of sublimation is 98.4kj/mol, combustion heat is 3225.9kj/mol and density is1.55g/cm3. It is soluble in alkaline solution, slightly soluble in hot ethanol and insoluble in water, ether, glacial acetic acid and chloroform. Precaution: no contact with skin and eyes.

Basic Purpose


As one of the important bulk organic raw materials, PTA is widely used in various sectors of national economy such as chemical fiber, light industry, electronics and construction etc. In domestic market, 75% of PTA is used for producing polyester fiber, 20% for bottle-grade polyester which is mainly used for packaging of various drinks especially carbonated drink, and the remaining 5% for film-grade polyester which is mainly used in packaging materials, film and cassette. Thus we can see that the main down-stream extended product of PTA is polyester fiber.