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MEG, National Superior Product

Physical Properties


Mono ethylene glycol (MEG) is a colorless, odorless and sweet liquid, with a freezing point of -12.6℃, a boiling point of 197.3℃, a flash point of 111.1℃. It is miscible in water/ethanol/acetone/ triacetin pyridine etc., slightly soluble in ether, insoluble in PETroleum hydrocarbon and oils, but can dissolve such inorganic substances as zinc chloride/sodium chloride/potassium carbonate/potassium chloride/potassium iodide/potassium hydroxide etc.



MEG is mainly used for producing PET polyester, polyester resin, absorbent, plasticizer, surface active agent, synthetic fiber, cosmetics and explosives, as solvent of dye/printing ink etc., for preparing antifreeze and gas dehydrant of engine, for making resin, or as wetting agent of cellophane, fiber, leather and bonding agent. It can be used for producing synthetic resin PET, fiber-grade PET i.e. polyester fiber and bottle-grade PET which is used for manufacturing mineral water bottle. It can be used for producing alkyd resin, glyoxal etc. as well, or as antifreeze. Besides used as car antifreeze, it is also used in transport of industrial refrigeration capacity, generally referred to secondary refrigerant; meanwhile, it can serve as condensing agent like the water.