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With a molecular formula of C6H11NO, caprolactam is presented as white flake crystal at room temperature, oily feeling when touched by hand, melted to liquid when the temperature increases, and prone to moisture absorption and caking.


As an important organic chemical material, caprolactam is mainly used for generating polyamide-6 chip (generally known as nylon-6 chip or chinlon-6 chip) through polymerization, which can further processed into polyamide fiber, engineering plastics and plastic membrane.


Main purposes:


1. It is used for producing tire fabrics, a framework material used in bias tire, engineering tire and agricultural tire, also, for making fishing net and fishing line.


2. It is used for making high-speed spinning and conventional spinning chips, which are for producing civil filament fiber and short fiber.


3. It is used for making nylon membrane, which is used for packaging materials, food in particular; or for producing modified engineering plastics, which can be further processed into various components.


4. It can be used for producing MC nylon, medical intermediate, nylon adhesive and other fine chemical products.