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Sinochem Plastics Conducted Training on


On the afternoon of December 25, 2013, Sinochem Plastics invited Cui Yan,Vice General Manager of Human Resources Department of the Group to give a training course on further improvement in leadership to our company’s administrators at middle level or above. Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager attended the training course and made remarks, together with over 20 leaders and cadres in Beijing.

The training course started with questions posed by Vice General Manager Cui Yan, such as “Why have you been promoted?”, “What are your superiors’ viewpoints?”, and “What’s your opinion on how to select and appoint personnel”. Various newly-appointed managers answered these questions one by one and all other attendants paid highly attention to the questions, at the same time, they also thought about and figured out their own answers and expected Vice General Manager Cui Yan’s. All eyes were fixed on Mr. Cui Yan. Led by these questions, Vice GM had a detailed explanation on standards of promotion, ability-based quality model for a qualified administrator and the 7 dimensionalities to measure this quality model. He offered overall explanation on these three questions and told attendants about key point and essence of professional knowledge with living examples in work, which were deeply inspired to all attendants.

Soon afterwards, Vice General Manager Cui Yan also made a further detailed explanation on aspects of “what kinds of leaderships should an outstanding administrator possess?”, “From what aspects should the administrator foster his/her own leadership” and the connotation of “leadership”. He had exchanges with attendants on questions of “how to manage your own subordinates” and “how to grant power distributions” during the training course, which deepened attendants’ understanding on those questions.

Finally, Vice General Manager sorted out the training contents for attendants and made a further conclusion on keypoints for an administrator to foster leaderships, which brought this training to a successful close.

This training not only strengthened team building capacity of Sinochem Plastics, but also put forward specific rectifications against the problems found in such educational practice. Sinochem Plastics will carry on such activity in its future work and earnestly complete every rectification task according to requirements in the educational practice rectification program worked out by the Company leaders.