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Mobilization Meeting on Continuous Improvement on Inner Control System of Sinochem Plastics was Held in Beijing


Mobilization meeting on continuous improvement on inner control system of Sinochem Plastics was held in Beijing on December 3. Leaders such as General Manager Zhang Xiaolei, Vice General Manager Zhao Hongmin, Chief Financial Officer Tu Tu etc. and personnel above vice manager level from various units attended the meeting.

Xie Huan, Vice General Manager of risk management department of the Group, was invited to attend the meeting and made an overall introduction to work progress in continuous improvement for inner control system, and put forward work arrangement and overall requirements of inner control system development advanced gradually by various operation units. Ye Yong, General Manager of Trade & Management Department of Sinochem Plastics made comprehensive deployment for continuous improvement on the Company’s inner control system.

General Manager Zhang Xiaolei made a conclusion speech at the meeting. He highly appreciated and supported implementation of continuous improvement on inner control system, and put forward the following specific requirements: 1. We should deeply understand the significance of continuous improvement on inner control system; 2. All departments should make concerted efforts to proactively promote continuous improvement on inner control system; 3. We must make sure to achieve tangible progress in continuous improvement on inner control system. In addition, General Manager Zhang required that Sinochem Tianjin should make inner control coordination well with Sinochem Plastics according to inner control deployment of Sinochem Plastics, so as to keep up its own inner control work with that of Sinochem Plastics.

Continuous improvement on inner control of Sinochem Plastics is divided into four stages: training and publicity & implementation, design & optimization of the system, project outcomes acceptance, and project summary. With the holding of this mobilization meeting and official establishment of inner control working group, relative work trainings, risk identification, process analysis, system design etc. will kick off in full swing.