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Sinochem Plastics Held the Performance Evaluation Meeting of January to May in 2013


On June 25, Sinochem Plastics Performance Evaluation Meeting of January to May was held in Beijing. Company leaders including Zhang Xiaolei, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager and personnel above vice-manager level from all subsidiaries & departments in Beijing attended the meeting in the main venue. Principals and personnel above vice-manager level from outside (overseas) companies, subsidiaries and departments participated in the meeting through video system.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Tu Tu carried on an overall analysis on the Company’s performance in January to May. During the period of January to May, Sinochem Plastics has maintained a steady operation and various indicators met the budget requirements basically. Principals from different business divisions made reports on works in the first quarter, carried out analysis on problems existed in current work implementation and put forward working objectives in the next stage soon afterwards.

General Manager Zhang Xiaolei made conclusion remarks at the meeting. GM Zhang analyzed current operation situation and made comments on achievements of various business division and existed problems respectively. He emphasized that: we have been faced with relatively serious operation situation in the Company’s businesses since 2013. Cadres and employees at all levels should make great efforts to maintain steady development of the Company with strong enthusiasms and responsibilities, so as to lay a solid foundation for realizing the whole-year objectives. When recognizing our achievements, we should not neglect the series of problems indicated in the performance report. Members from all units should earnestly analyze deep-rooted causes hidden in these management indicators and phenomena, and adopt practical & effective measures to make adjustments in a timely manner. Managerial staff should also undertake responsibilities and give full play to their leadership, and make efforts to analyze and solve problems effectively by going deep into the frontline to make practical progress. Further transition is needed for the operation mode. Therefore, I sincerely hope that all of you should prepare for a prolonged battle and make unremitting efforts to completely accomplish expected objectives of the Company in good spirits.

Besides, GM Zhang made deployment and put forward requirements for the Company’s five key works in the next stage.