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Incom Launches “Green Button Plan Coming into Campus” to Encourage Primary Secondary School Students in Beijing to Participate in Smart Recovery of Solid Wastes


On June 19, Beijing Incom Resources Recovery Recycle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Incom Company), the share company of Sinochem Plastics, held the launching ceremony of “Green Beijing Construction- Series of Activities on Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction Implemented of Beijing Educational System 2013” together with Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform and Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. “Green Button Plan Going into Campus” sponsored by Incom was held at the same time. The ceremony was held in the Elementary School Affiliated to Remin University of China, in which attending guests and various teachers and students experienced the operating procedures of “Incom Intelligent Recycling Machine” in the campus.

The intelligent recycling machine developed by Incom Company sets a leading edge in combination of IOT and renewable resources recycling system in China. Since its first application in Beijing subway, the machine has won wide attention and active supports from the general public. As for the Incom intelligent recycling machines installed in campuses, we made further innovations and doubled the machine body size. One side is for paper recycling and the other for beverage bottles recycling. Recyclables include three categories namely waste books & newspapers, beverage bottles and ring-pull cans. After successful throw in the machine, users can determine the wastes quantity and return amount by scanning the QR code on the green button badge. Return amount will be used as non-profit foundation to buy more environment-friendly and safe school supplies for students, to improve environment of the campus or to support children from poverty-stricken districts.


“Green Button Plan” is a green public welfare activity launched by Incom Company for the purpose of encouraging everyone to act and reduce environmental pollutions by enabling solid wastes to be put directly into safe and correct recycling channel from recycling source. As the plan’s name indicates, individuals and organizations closely connect to each other, just like “green button”; which will convert all our caring for our mother Earth into practical actions.

The activity of “Green Button Plan Going into Campus” encourages teachers and students to timely put solid wastes like empty beverage bottles and waste books & newspapers into the intelligent recycling machine installed in various primary and secondary schools to ensure correct & safe recycling. This activity will help children foster good habits of protecting environment and sorting wastes from childhood. We sincerely hope that can bring forth impacts on families, organization and even more people through those children’s attitudes and actions to protect environment.