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General Manager Zhang Xiaolei Visited the Grass Roots


Since 2013, external operating environment got harsh and it showed signs of deceleration in domestic economic recovery, which posed different degrees of impacts on various main businesses of the Company. Faced with this situation, leaders of the Company put forward deployment and plans by holding meetings, and required all units to pay attention to market changes, timely identify problems existed in operation & management, and work out and implement rectification measures. Meanwhile, the Company leaders kept a watchful eye on the advancement of every business, while strengthening strategic deployment, constantly carry on in-depth inspection on the work in the frontline, in order to strengthen management by all manner of means and expend the Company’s development space.

From February to May, Zhang Xiaolei, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Company, together with his group members successively paid a field visit to Sinochem Tianjin and Binhai Logistics Company under it, HK Sinochem Logistics Company, Shanghai Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Incom Resources Recovery recycle Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Sales Dept., Qingdao Sales Dept., Ningbo Sales Dept. and Shaoxing Sales Dept., during which Zhang had face-to-face exchanges with frontline employees, listened to their work reports on the spot and discussed with employees as how to seize the opportunity to boost new development in business. Zhang also consulted in details the safety specifications, resources access, client development and management situation etc. At the same time, concerning the existed problems and management weaknesses of various units, General Manager Zhang Xiaolei put forward practical rectification measures with the workers and made arrangement for the next stage.

As required by the Party Committee of Sinochem Plastics to implement the Eight specific regulatory measures, the company and division management will continue the frontline visit to identify problems existed in all respects, make analysis on the cause and offer work instructions for the next stage. Foregoing measures are to ensure complete fulfillment of business objectives and advancement of various strategic issues in this year, and realization of sustainable development of the Company.