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Sinochem Plastics Held the Performance Assessment Meeting for the First Three Quarters of 2014


On October 24, the Performance Assessment Meeting for the First Three Quarters of 2014 of Sinochem Plastics was held in Beijing. The members of the leading group and deputy department managers and personnel in higher positions of the Company who were in Beijing were present at the meeting in the main venue, while the leaders of the Company and the principals, deputy department managers and personnel in higher positions of other units who were outside Beijing (the country) attended it by means of video.

The meeting summarized the overall work in the first three quarters, made an in-depth analysis of the internal and external situation the company faces and deployed the following work tasks.

At the meeting, the Chief Financial Officer Tu Tu firstly delivered the Report on Work Analysis and Assessment for the First Three Quarters of 2014. The report summarized the overall business performance of the company in the first three quarters with respect to business results, qualities and the like. Each business department carried out a selective analysis of operation situation in these quarters to find out shortcomings in the work of each business department and their reasons, and proposed the objectives and key points of future work.

In the concluding talk made by the General Manager Zhang Xiaolei at the meeting, he addressed that in this year, as the petrochemical market fluctuated intensively under the interactive influence of slow economic recovery of developed countries and economic growth decrease of BRICS, overcapacity of bulk commodities, slack China economy and other factors, the company operation was under tremendous pressure and some problems emerged accordingly. In addition to external environment, it was of more significance for the company to find reasons from itself and keep improvement.

Requirements raised by Zhang for the next steps include the following:

First, to run business steadily and respond to systemic risks proactively and flexibly; second, to proceed with confidence and perform hard work in the rest 70 days to complete the annual budgetary tasks; third, to strengthen risk management and control, and improve the quality of operation; fourth, to do a good job of strategic planning and budgeting; and fifth, to improve workplace safety and do a good job of HSE work.

Zhang stressed that, as Year 2014 had come to the last quarter, he hoped all employees could proceed with confidence, cling together to face challenges and strive to complete the annual budgetary tasks!