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Group President Cai Xiyou Visited Sinochem Plastics for Investigation and Guidance


On the morning of September 26, the Group President Cai Xiyou paid a visit to Sinochem Plastics for work investigation and guidance and greeted the company employees. The General Manager of Sinochem Plastics Zhang Xiaolei and members of the leading group gave Cai a detailed introduction to the process of strategic transformation of the company and reported the recent work progress.

Cai confirmed the achievements made by Sinochem Plastics in the past few years and encouraged all employees of the company to promote the concept of “creating value and pursuing excellence”, run the current business duly, perform strict risk management and control, unceasingly enhance the core competitiveness of the company and render the petrochemical marketing course bigger and stronger.

Cai raised seven requirements for the future development of the company: the first, to build the concept of maximizing the whole benefits of the group company and produce a synergy effect; the second, to set up lofty ambition and render the business bigger and stronger; the third, to firmly establish a sense of market and long-term development; the fourth, to make full use of various tools and do a good job of risk management and control; the fifth, to reasonably construct the network layout and enhance end-user development; the sixth, to set a proper orientation under the requirement for rendering the course bigger and stronger; and the seventh, to duly carry out ideological and political work and make unremitting efforts to conduct party building and construction of a clean government.

With respect to the concentrated investigation on key units of the group, Cai made a comment in five points: first, the concept of internationalization and marketization of Sinochem is deeply rooted; second, management systems of units at all levels are sound; third, operation mechanism is flexible and efficient and meets the market requirements; fourth, the employees and teams are all in a good physical and mental state; and fifth, the group is united tightly and solidary. Cai addressed that, although it was a short time since he came, he had been integrated into and fallen in love with Sinochem, and he held great confidence in its development as well as a more brilliant future.