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Working Conference 2014 of Sinochem Plastics was Held


Working conference 2014 of Sinochem Plastics was held in Beijing on January 22. We made a thorough summary on the work in 2013, in-depth analysis on internal and external situations that the Company faced with, and worked out deployments for work tasks of 2014.

Zhao Hongmin, Vice General Manager of the Company presided over the conference, with participation of all leaders and staff. Vive President Pan Zhengyi attended and made important remarks at the conference.

At the beginning of the conference, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Tu Tu made the Analysis & Evaluation Report 2013 of Sinochem Plastics, concluding on overall management performance of Sinochem Plastics in 2013 through business results, management quality and strategic planning etc. In 2013, Sinochem Plastics has maintained a good overall performance and various indicators met the budget requirements basically.

General Manager Zhang Xiaolei put forward the 2014-2016 strategic planning at the conference. GM Zhang indicated that we met with complex and volatile operation situation; we had low orders for bulk commodities and faced with price decline in various main products. Facing with difficulties, all business divisions should constantly perfect the product structures, deepen service connotation, and expand terminal sales in order to achieve sound operation performance. He also emphasized that we should know about our own existed problems while making progress. In the coming three years, international and domestic economic conditions are still hardly optimistic. Sinochem Plastics should take actions to promote all works and deepen strategic transition pragmatically in order to build up a marketing platform for petrochemical products and give the platform into full play.

Vice President Pan Zhengyi made important instructions at the conference. He emphasized that Sinochem Plastics will meet both challenges as well as opportunities when facing with domestic economic structural adjustment and excess production capacity of petrochemicals. As the sole enterprise purely involved in marketing services owned by Sinochem Group, Sinochem Plastics should from time to time stick to its own market positioning, improve marketing services by all manner of means. It should also make efforts to constantly improve its own technological competence, adjust structures, strictly control risks and successfully accomplish every work task delegated by Sinochem Group while expanding clients’ resources.

Trade & Management Department made Introduction to Middleground Management System at the conference as well. Each unit made a conclusion on its own work in 2013, and discussed and remarked on key emphasis in work of 2014 on the basis of the instructions of GM Zhang and Vice President Pan subject to business reality.