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Sinochem Plastic Awarded AEO High Qualification


May 25th, 2015, Sinochem Plastic was among the first companies which were awarded the AEO High qualification by Beijing Customs.

AEO is short for Authorized Economic Operator. Based on credibility, Chinese Customs puts operators into four categories: highly authorized, generally authorized, normal credit and dishonest one. All these four kinds of enterprises will get differentiated management according to the principle of “an honest company gains great support while a dishonest one gets punishment”. With AEO High qualification, one may get clearance convenience in countries and regions with mutual recognition, priority in clearance and certification, exclusive coordinator and other optimization policies in customs. 

Currently, China has arranged AEO mutual recognition with Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, while the negotiation with Taiwan, America and EU is on the way. Certainly countries with AEO mutual recognition will increase.