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Sinochem Plastic PA Meeting of the First Quarter in 2015


April 17th,2015, Sinochem Plastic performance appraisal meeting of the first quarter is launched in Beijing. Main members of Beijing leading group as well as associated managers and above of related departments attend the meeting, while other colleagues outside the Capital or overseas keep in line with us through video conference. Mr. Zhang Zenggen of the Group leads the final speech in the meeting.

At the initial part, Financial Department delivered Report on Business Performance and Quality Analysis. According to this report, our corporation has reached a saleroom of 573,600 tons, with a proceed of 3.206 billion yuan, marking an unexpected turning point. After that, 11 business divisions reported their operation in the first three months, as well as some potential problems and possible solutions respectively.

In this conversation, general manager of Sinochem Plastic Zhang Xiaolei reviewed the first quarter performance of each division and analyzed current problems in daily operation, attached with priorities in next steps. Mr. Zhang emphasized that we would still face a harder situation and more challenges. Therefore, we need a positive attitude, a strong will, prudent operation and practical style to fuel the sustainable development of our Sinochem.

In the final speech, general manager Zhang Zenggen of the Sinochem group shows his affirmation of our work in this quarter. He also emphasizes that “better quality, higher efficiency and more prudential operation” is not just the guiding ideology of the first two quarters, but also the key point throughout the year. To realize this goal, each division should value the risk management and self-development, offering contribution to the Group in fulfilling the budget.