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Sinochem Plastic and SAIC Motor Convened the Initial Meeting for Plastic Particle Centralized Procurement


Recently, Sinochem Plastic and SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Company (hereinafter referred to as “ SAIC Motor”) convened the Initial Meeting for Plastic Particle Centralized Procurement atShanghaiAutomobileExhibitionCenter. Sinochem Plastic, SAIC Motor’s project team and representatives of parts suppliers attended the meeting.

SAIC Motor and Sinochem Plastic introduced the working process, procurement scope, project schedule and procurement advantage, etc. of plastic particle centralized procurement to the parts suppliers. Centralized procurement services provided by Sinochem Plastic can solve the problems of high material costs, low cost control, deficiency of quality control, etc.

Management mode of supply chain is a new sales and service model for providing customers with value-added services by automotive materials department of Sinochem Plastic, which consists of product development assistance, supplier management, centralized procurement, satellite factory management and logistics. Thereinto, centralized procurement is an important link. Automotive materials department makes reasonable procurement plans for manufactories by tracking their parts information and scheduling and planning, helping manufactories to reduce production costs and management costs through ensuring product quality and stabilizing supply of raw materials.

This sincere cooperation with SAIC Motor is another milestone of management mode of supply chain for Sinochem Plastic to continuously promote automotive materials, and has laid a solid foundation for the cooperations between SAIC Motor and other motor corporations.