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First Session of Sinochem Plastics Security Skills Contest was Held in Tianjin


On April 15th, the first session of Sinochem Plastics Security Skills Contest was held in the logistics Area in Tianjin. This contest was position-oriented and practice-based. It aims at motivating staff in the field and honing skills through contest. It will further improve security capabilities of companies that are involved in field practices and is targeting at improving security capabilities for front-line positions.

There are 5 sections in the competitions: group water target practice attempted three times by three persons, extinguishing fire with fire extinguisher by two persons, individual forklifting skills, front crane-handling practice and group quiz contest. During contest, participants fully showed their crafty and practical skills, extensive knowledge and high spirits. Through this contest, security capabilities of our company and employees’ skills in security protection have been improved and enthusiasm to practice working skills has been inspired. The goal of this contest met, this contest also has a successful ending.