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2016 Working Conference of Sinochem Plastic in Beijing


On January 25th, 2016 Working Conference of Sinochem Plastic is launched in Beijing. The conference has an overall summary of works in 2015, an analysis of inside and outside situation and an arrangement of work tasks in 2016. 

The conference is hosted by vice-general manager Mr. Zhao Hongmin and attended by the leading group members in Beijing and assistant managers and above from various divisions. Departments off Beijing or off bound attend the meeting through video system. And Mr. Zhang Zenggen of the Group presents at the conference and leads vital instructions. 

The conference starts fromSinochem Plastic 2015 Operation Reportby CFO Tutu. The report is a summary of overall business performance in 2015 from general operation analysis, BU operation analysis and other aspects. According to this report, 2.31 million tons sales volume has been achieved in 2015, marking a 13 billion sales revenue. 

General Manager Zhang Xiaolei addresses the conference on guidance for 2016-2025 medium and long term strategic planning. He points out that under the proper guidance from the group; Sinochem Plastic has been deepening operation contents and changing operation philosophy. After these years’ research and practice, Sinochem Plastic has already realized its strategy transition from traditional purchases and sales to marketing service, leading a customer-oriented professionalized service model.   

With the entry of New Normal, over capacity of bulk commodity and complicated financial situation lead to unprecedented challenges in trade and distribution market of chemical products. In the future, we Sinochem Plastic will tightly hold the total strategy of the Group, keeping marketing service orientation. And we will harness the policy dividend like “the Belt and Road Initiative” and “Internet+” to build a marketing service flagship operator for chemical products from Sinochem Group. 

Mr. Zhang Zenggen summarizes on the conference that this is a hard-won fruit for Sinochem Plastic in consideration of great difficulties in bulk market, and this fruit comes from joint efforts of all staff. Now we are entering a new year. We Sinochem Plastic should always keep the target in our mind to be a stronger and better business. And we should accomplish the 2016 budget goal tooth and nail with all risks in control.