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Successful Phase 2: Upgrading and Reconstruction of Sinochem Plastic B2B Platform


Dec. 14thmarks a successful second upgrading and reconstruction of this Sinochem Plastic B2B Platform. The improvements mainly lie in the following aspects: 


Modified transaction flow: closing to real business processes and customers’ transaction practices;

Added transaction mode: adding USD listing mode and supporting USD order division; Improved data analysis: improving statement analysis function, supporting cross-company inquiry and enhancing refund approval, rank control of large customers as well as other back-stage management functions;

Specified operation instruction: ameliorating tips in each transaction processes to form a more humanized operation system. 

A great improvement in B2B platform usage experience has achieved through this stage’s upgrading. More convenient operations management and better system security are accessible.

This Platform was officially launched on March 30th, 2015. Till the end of November, there are 13500 tons total sales and 117 million RMB gross turn over, marking a steady increasing volume of business. It’s predicted that the third stage of upgrading plan will start from next year, adding more functions like giving credit, mobile APPs and supply chain finance.