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Training & Learning

Talents are important resources to an enterprise. By establishing a learning-oriented organization, Sinochem Corp which gives top priority to development and training of talents, advances growth between employees and enterprise, and earnestly builds Sinochem Corp. into a brand enterprise where talents are lured, gathered, trained and cultivated to develop and make achievements, and employees are satisfied with the work.

Training Principle

Based on the Company’s position system and employee performance management system, such trainings are carried out in layers by the Company’s Human Resources Department, the Group’s Human Resources Department and the Sinochem Management Institute to employees in aspects of corporate culture, professional knowledge, job qualifications and comprehensive qualities, which ensure that trainings are suitable to you and meet the Company’s needs as well.

Training Course System

The Company provides various training courses to help employees grow and make progress.

The Company offers EMBA course, foreign MBA course, audit project training, risk project training, courses of the Management Institute and EDP training etc. for managerial staff.

For ordinary employees, the Company would provide trainings concerning occupational skills development, such as effective communications, effective problem solving, business etiquette, time management, non-duty influence, skills presentation, professional knowledge and improvement of professional proficiency etc..

In order to help new employees blend in the Company as soon as possible, the Company sets up training projects for them to achieve better development and provides other training modes other than routine training, such as E-learning, on-the-job training, cross training of exchanges & service in overseas agencies etc.

Vocational Development

Sinochem Plastics Co., Ltd. designs multiple vocational development approaches of management & administration, trading & marketing etc. and creates favorable conditions for employees’ vocational promotion.

Since the first day when you join the Company, we will offer you challengeable positions on the basis of your talents and ambition, and provide you with suitable development opportunities at the right time.

We shall spare no efforts to provide strong supports for your yourself and your vocational development. Our success is derived from yours!