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Sinochem Plastics builds a spacious stage for all work elites to give full play to their talents by taking advantage of the powerful platform of Sinochem Corporation, on which successes go with talents! Employees are the most valuable treasure of the Company and the source to create core competitiveness. We value and respect people. We are welcoming domestic and overseas outstanding & potential talents and sincerely hope that every staff can achieve sound development here. In this warm big family of Sinochem Plastics, every vocational step you move forward, every success you achieve and every progress you make means a lot to us. To enable employees to make his/her best development is our eternal pursuit!

We strive to cultivate such Sinochem members as follows:

Personhood-honest, cooperative and good at learning

Work-earnest, innovative and striving for excellence

Our Mission:

People orientation, system-based management and specialized services

Committed to co-promotion in enterprise value and employee value

Our Pursuit:

To supply human resources so as to guarantee enterprise’s development

To build sound environment and space for employees’ development