Social Responsibility

Services for the National Economy and the People’s Livelihood As the  first batch of chemical products Import and Export Corporation, Sinochem  Plastics is committed to the safeguard of the community resources and the  services for the national economy and the people’s livelihood.

Clothing: Our business products PTA, MEG, AN, Caprolactam and other  products are the raw materials for nylon polyester, acrylic and polyamide fiber  with an annual sales volume of more than 0.4 million tons. As the largest
domestic supplier of petrochemical materials, we provide high quality raw  materials for domestic chemical enterprises which enrich people's dress and personal  adornment and improve the level of people’s material life.

Food: Our products such as PET、PE、PS and other  products are key materials for food packing with an annual sales volume of  nearly 0.4 million tons which play an important role in improving people’s  diet.

Housing: Our product Polyurethane, is the 5th largest plastic raw  material, which is mainly used in construction insulation, water conservancy  construction and so on. ABS is the main raw material for the production of  air-conditioning, refrigerator, television and other household appliances. In  addition, our products also containing plastic doors and windows, pipeline etc.

Transportation: As a large plastics product marketing service  corporation in domestic market, we provide  raw material packaging service for General Motors、SHANGHAI  VOLKSWAGEN、SAIC MOTORS、FAW- VOLKSWAGEN  etc. We purchase resources for their designated automotive parts factories  according to car brands and their production plans on a global scale.

Customer Service

We adhere to the "customer is always right" business  philosophy, fully meet upstream and downstream customers' requirements, enhance  core competitiveness by service system construction, and strive to become a  main channel in market circulation. We adhere to the principle of business  integrity, interests sharing, and mutual benefit. We respect all suppliers with  reasonable offer, and make sustained efforts to achieve win-win cooperation.  Meanwhile, we evaluate the delivery, cost, and quality control of our suppliers  regularly, in order to ensure the stability of the supply.

Health, Safety and  Environment

We fulfill HSE responsibility, and put our employees and the public  health and safety in the first place. We focus on environment protection, and  always pursue the aim of zero HSE accident to keep the hazard from our  employees, society and environment.

Social Activities

In addition to promoting the development of our business, we always  keep social responsibility in our mind, and often participate in various public  service activities. We help students  whom from poverty-stricken family realize their reading dreams, and we also  provide emergency aid after natural disasters etc. Through all these  activities, we are fulfilling our promise to bring benefit to our society.