Chemical Business Department is mainly engaged in chemical fiber raw materials such as PTA, ethylene glycol and liquid chemicals such as methanol, styrene and Diethylene glycol. Its annual sales are more than 980,000 tons.


Based on the principle of providing high-quality services and achieving mutual benefits with customers and suppliers, Chemical Business Department has established good and stable cooperative relations with major international suppliers, downstream users and traders in China, and has formed stable supply and sales channels. Taking the advantages of both platforms at home and abroad, Chemical Business Department meets different requirements of trade from suppliers and customers, and provides customers with a full range of diversified services.


At present, Chemical Business Department is taking efforts to enrich and extend the product chain. At the same time, it is actively promoting the regional distribution ability and improving the service by setting up network in Zhangjiagang, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Shaoxing. In addition, the department insists stable operation to prevent market risks, and makes the out hedging operation.