General Plastics Business Department is mainly engaged in general plastics such as polytene, polypropylene etc. Its annual sales are more than 400,000 tons. The department has stable resources in Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Europe and other regions. It has built strategic relationship and signed long-term global supply agreements with large-scale petrochemical enterprises such as EXXON, SABIC, NOVA, BP, QAPCO, PTT etc. Its domestic business is mainly in the distribution of polyolefin from Sinochem Quanzhou petrochemical Co., Ltd, and it also involves in long-term distribution of products from CNPC and CPCC.  


After years of development, General Plastics Business Department has established the comprehensive and professional plastic distribution network covering the east, north, south and northwest of China and has set up marketing network nodes and warehousing logistics centers in these regions. In addition to providing a stable supply for domestic users, the department can provide technical, logistics support and other services in all aspects.