As a subordinate department of our company, we focus on the distribution of the automotive plastics and target automotive plastic parts as our business domain. Throughout these 10 years development, our business has covered 50% of the middle and high-end cars market in China, and we have become the most powerful distributor in this field.


Our products include 300 designations of four categories ranging from modified ABS, modified nylon, modified Polypropylene and modified polycarbonate. And our 30 kinds of plastic parts and components cover almost all the automotive interior and exterior trim which are accounted for 70% of the total vehicle plastic parts. Nowadays, what we sell cover 90% of the models of Shanghai GM which is the best auto dealer in china, and also cover  the models of Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN, FAW-VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Fiat, Chery, VOLVO and other OEMS.


We guarantee the sound localization of the logistics that covers the automotive factories. Meanwhile, we have formulated a variety of logistics solutions such as "just in time delivery" to meet customers’ demands and achieve value-added in our service.