The assets operation business department provides our clients with property leasing, maintenance, security management and related services.12-13/F of Yingxin Building, Tianhe District, and an office building in Yanjiang Road, which under administration of the department; locate at the downtown with convenient traffic conditions.  


There are three warehouses under the opeation of the department, i.e. Daganwei Warehouse in Haizhu District, Fangcun Kuipeng Warehouse in Liwan District and Shangshe Warehouse in Tianhe District, with a total area of 60,062 m2 around. Daganwei Warehouse has a wharf where ships can directly berth and load/unload goods, a 192m shoreline, a berth for 1000 tonnage and two berths for 500 tonnage where three ships can berth at the same time. The wharf covers an area of 7000 m2, of which the yard covers an area of 6,200 m2, and is equipped with complete facilities for loading and unloading, like 2ton,2.5ton cranes and 11 diverse forklifts (ranking from 1 to 7 ton).


Based on its geographical advantages and logistics industry trends, the department concentrates its focus on modern logistics. To offer logistic, consulting and other customized services with further pier and warehouse resources, the department is aiming to transform as a Guangzhou-based supply chain logistic provider, linking all the Pearl River Delta cities together. According to some features of the Guangzhou Warehouse, our business can be characterized as the following four segments: e-commerce logistic center, medical center, chemical raw material center and wholesale distribution center.