Building materials business department is specialized in large-scale engineering materials trade.  Since its foundation 10 years ago, the department has provided construction material for over 40 large-scale expressway and city construction projects, covering Kaiping-Yangjiang, Yangjiang-Yangchun, Yangjiang-Maoming expressways, first-stage project of Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center express and Guangzhou-Zhuhai West express, intercity arteries of Foshan first-ring road, Zhongshan-Jiangmen express ; G15 Jihe express, Nanshan-Guangming express and Yantian Port-Bagang express; Taiyuan-Macao express, Lechang-Guangzhou express, Daqing-guangzhou express and Chaozhou-Zhangzhou express, to name a few. And the department has ready provided 4.4 million tons cement, 0.7 million tons rebar and 0.6 million tons asphalt in these projects mentioned before. Besides, the department was honored the highest AA level in the 2013-2014 credit rating by Department of Transportation of Guangdong Province.    


The Building Materials Department enjoys accumulated brand advantage, rich expressway materials providing experience, abundant capital strength and professional management experience of material supply for mega projects. In the Guangdong transportation bid projects, the Department holds a leading position in accumulated bid amount, marking a experienced and influential construction raw material provider in South China.